Wrap Party 2013

All of us ladies got together last night and had our first ever gift wrap party.  We decided it would be a fun way to celebrate the holidays with each other, exchange our gifts, and get all our gift wrapping done.  It was so much fun we decided it would be our yearly tradition.



We combined all our wrapping supplies and we had a great assortment of pretty wrapping paper, fabric and curling ribbons, and bows. We even used parts of our gifts to top the presents. Hair accessories make the prettiest gift toppers like these heart hair clips from shop bando.  We also found the perfect free downloadable gift tags here, that we printed on card stock and cut out.



We claimed our corners of the table and proceeded to make a beautiful mess.



Our expert gift wrapper Cherry showed us the best way to perfectly wrap presents in boxes.

1.  Start by ensuring you have enough paper to cover half way up the shortest widths (the ends of the box).

2.  Next make sure you have enough wrapping paper to cover around the box and tape with a little bit of paper covering the top.

3.  Wrap the paper around all sides of the box and crease the edge.

4.  Fold the excess paper under right along the edge that you creased. wrap_party_4

5.  Crease the sides of the ends towards the middle.

6.  Form the top into a triangle and fold cleanly.

7.  Tape the top triangle and do the same with the bottom.

8.  Finish the gift off with a ribbon, bow, or any gift topper you like. Here Cherry used a fabric ribbon attached a tag and tied a pretty bow!



Wrapping your gifts is so much more fun with friends! From our families to yours we wish you all a very Merry Christmas filled with pretty wrapped gifts!