Retro-Glam Valentine’s Day Hair

Valentine’s Day is this Friday! What do you all have planned? If you have a special date or Galentine’s GNO we have the perfect hair tutorial for you today.

V Day Hair 2

You need a curling Iron, comb, brush, metal clips, bobby pins (optional), argan oil or serum (optional), and hairspray.

V Day Hair 3

Start by parting your hair where you would like to wear it. A deep side part looks best. Then section off the sides from the back.

V Day Hair 4

Take a 1-2 inch section and curl that section starting from the top working your way down to the bottom.

V Day Hair 5

Make sure to keep the curling iron horizontal. The key to this style is curling all the hair in the same direction.
V Day Hair 6

Once you complete a curl, wind it up and clip it with a metal clip, keeping the curl horizontal. Continue around the head until all the hair is curled and clipped.

V Day Hair 7

Spray with hairspray and let the curls cool down. Once cooled let all the hair down and brush the curls together. Add a drop or two of argan oil and work through the mid shaft and ends if you would like. Finish with a wide toothed comb until you notice the curl pattern forming. It should start to look like a loose S wave.
V Day Hair 8

Smooth your light side down and pin just behind the ear with bobby pins.

V Day Hair 9
Finish off with another spray of hair spray and you’re good to go.

IMG_6840 (2)

Thanks to L Beauty Bar for letting us use your beautiful salon. If you’re in the Seattle area, be sure to check them out! Hope you all have a great Valentines Day filled with happiness and love!


Crown Braid Tutorial


Here is another fun braid tutorial for you! This is just one take on a crown braid and it works best on medium to long hair. It is easier to do on someone else, so invite a friend over and have a braid party or if you’re more advanced with braiding, give it a try on yourself.

1. Start with dry hair with some wave or curl. Spray some dry shampoo throughout if you like. (the texture helps the braid stay in place)

2. Part hair where you would like to wear it. Start on your heavy side, or either side if you part in the center.

3. Begin an inside french braid (where the hair crosses over instead of under). Continue down to the other side of the head making sure to follow the head shape.

4. When you can no longer add hair, finish off the braid and secure with an elastic.

5. Cross the tail over to the other side and place behind the start of the french braid.

6. Hide the end underneath the other side of the braid and pin with bobby pins.

7. Once you’re happy with the placement, pull apart sections of the braid to add volume and texture.

8. Secure with a few bobby pins around the braid and finish with hairspray.

Happy braiding everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

We Heart Blowouts + Designer Collabs

Hello everyone! Apologies for the lack of posts on the blog. Its been a fun and crazy busy summer for us so far. We’re slowly trying to get back into the swing of things and appreciate you sticking with us. We’re working on bringing you more beauty, fashion, and lifestyle and hope you stay tuned.  From everyone here at We Heart Bows, we greatly appreciate your continued love and support!

Today we’re sharing a fun outing filled with blowouts and shopping. Who doesn’t love getting pampered along with some retail therapy, especially when it’s with their favorite girl friends?!  We recently went to a local blow out bar, Salon Maison and checked out a new designer collaboration with  Joe Fresh + JCP. We fell in love with their kids line, so stylish and affordable. Perfect timing for back to school. Here are some of our favorite photos and our picks from the line.


Joe Fresh Girls
From top, left to right: Striped Sleeveless Top / Chambray Shirtdress / Twill Jacket / Faux Leather Jacket / Batwing Top / Tres Chic Top / Floral Print Jeans / Star Tutu Skirt / Print Leggings
Joe Fresh Boys

From top, left to right: Graphic Sweater / Taffeta Vest / Reversible Tee / Motorcycle Jacket / Skull Print Shirt / Belted Jeans / Sweat Pants / Shawl-Collar Cardigan / Short-Sleeve Woven Shirt

FYI, many of the items are on sale or have been put on clearance. Happy shopping and have a great weekend!